Welcome to the humble home page of PASCAlice, a free AIML interpreter written in DELPHI.

Besides "Program P", you can also find some AIML tools here - currently it's the Shadow Checker, which helps you to find unreachable (overshadowed) categories in your AIML sets.

AIML is a XML-based scripting language for writing chatbots (computer programs that engage in natural language conversations). It allows you to define the user input (even partial), and how to react to it. Beware though - writing a bot that is at least reasonably coherent in its responses is no easy task. The award winning ALICE bot recognizes over 40 000 inputs, and it's still under development.

  • Some of you might be interested in the license covering the binaries and the source- it's just plain old GNU GPL
  • To compile the source, you will also need the destructor.de XML parser.
  • www.alicebot.org the home of AIML. You can find smarter AIML, links to interpreters on various platforms, documentation & specification of the AIML language, mailinglists and much more.
  • To contact me via e-mail (comments, suggestions, criticisms, bugs...) please click on the logo at the bottom left of this page, or just send a mail to alicebot@seznam.cz or one of the mailinglists at alicebot.org

    Please enjoy :-P
    Kim Sullivan